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Procedure for getting user certificate

  1. Download the user certificate application form
  2. Meet the RA operator
  3. Fill on-line request for certificate
  4. Import your certificate to your browser
  5. Export your certificate to a p12 format file.

1) Download the user certificate application form

For user certificate PDF Form | Doc Form

Please fill out the application form , you can see the sample here , and fax it to: Fax: +98 (21) 22 28 04 15 .

RA contact information :

Please also send a verification e-mail to after fax

IRAN-GRID CA staff will respond in 48 hours after receiving your request

2) Meet the RA operator

After receiving the confirmation from your local RA operator an appointment for an interview will be set to you, you have to personally present the following documents

  1. The completed application form
  2. A letter of introduction from an authenticated organization
  3. Proof of Identity (Passport / National ID)

3) Fill On-line Request for Certificate.

Before going through step3, make sure that you have finished step1 and step 2 and CA staff has confirmed your request.

Click here for requesting on-line Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Please submit Certificate signing request from the same computer and browser that you want to import your certificate ( the same that makes your public/private keys).

NOTE: For requesting CSR you should use one the graphical browser .the one-line webpage supports the most kind of browsers like mozilla firefox or IE . If you have problem to submit CSR and/or installation of your certificate please let us know.

4) Confirm the request.

Once your certificate is issued, we'll publish it on the website and also send out a confirmation via email to inform you. You can simply download your certificate via the link provided in the e-mail and import it into your browser.

5) Export the Certificate

Please follow here to learn how to export your certificate from your browser.


Below shows the flowcahart the precedures:

flowchart.PNG (28K)





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